shooting sticks

  1. Sold: Seeland Quad Shooting Sticks

    x1 set of Seeland quad sticks in good condition, no problems. They have been taped up and I may have to remove the tape in order to get them down in size for postage. £60 posted or £50 if you can collect them. Located in NE48 near the borders. Thanks
  2. Sold: Bog Great Western Divide Shooting Carbon Fibre Tripod sticks

    Private sale, new sealed and unwanted. Comes obviously with everything it should. £195 posted (rrp is £308+post) description below: BOG Great Divide Western Tripod Shooting Stick. The BOG™ Great Divide Western Tripod is engineered to be the perfect western hunting tripod. Its high-strength...
  3. Sold: Vanguard Quest T62U

    For sale Vanguard Quest T62U - used about 3-4 times, changed over to Viper Flex Journey. 3-n-1 shooting stick: Tripod, Bi-pod and Monopod Removable U-shaped yoke Quick flip lever leg locks Soft rubber fins help secure your weapon Light weight aluminium construction (weight: 2.2 lbs, folded...
  4. Sold: Spartan Sentinel Shooting Tripod Sticks £450 RRP £660

    This shooting tripod is configurable as a monopod, bipod or tripod, the multifunctional Sentinel negates the roughest of terrains to ensure a stable shooting platform for a broad range of rifles as well as optical devices. With the Spartan Magnetic Attachment System, the Sentinel delivers a...
  5. Wanted: Wanted - Blaser Shooting Sticks Ball Spigot

    Hi, looking for surplus Blaser Shooting Sticks Ball Spigots for another little project I'm thinking about. Happy to pay via PayPal (no fee) or BACS. If you have one you don't need, please drop me a pm. Many thanks
  6. For Sale: Blaser Sticks Ball Spigot Modification to fit Spartan Bipod Mounts

    I use a set of Blaser sticks which come with a ball adapter to fit Blaser rifles. This is too large to fit Spartan bipod mounts. If you send me (PM for address) just the spigot, I will turn it down on a lathe to fit the Spartan mount and fit a 8mm neomidium magnet capable of lifting 2.5kg...
  7. For Sale: Knocking it on the head Sale

    Hi Guys, Due to not having time to stalk in the UK and struggling to find permissions I'm selling up. There are a list of items below, hopefully it'll go as one but not troubles selling individually with P&P adjusted. Reloading bench and Lee reloading press, scales, brass holder - £80...

  9. Sold: Mjoelner Fenris Mk1 Quad Shooting Sticks - £70

    Time for a clearout of shooting sticks! I hung on to my set of black Mjoelner Fenris aluminium sticks after I bought a set of Fenris II Carbon sticks but they are simply not being used! I'm 6'4" and with the bottom legs extended, found no difficulty with their height - actually same sort of...
  10. Shooting Sticks Cornwall

    Bit of a long shot but is there by any chance anybody in the Cornwall area on here with a set of Jakele Z4 sticks? I’d really like to see a set before commuting to purchase them; I’ve not seen one bad review but nothing compares to actually feeling a set! Cheers
  11. Carbon Fibre Shooting Sticks

    Hi all, I'm looking to make my own shooting sticks at some point and play around with some carbon fibre tubing. I've managed to source most of the components I need but am struggling to find anywhere that stocks the ground spikes for the ends of the poles. Does anyone know where to get them or...
  12. Best factory made shooting sticks

    Hi All, I'm after a set of shooting sticks and have narrowed it down to either the Knobloch, Bogpod or Vanguard bipod models. I appreciate that many use the home made garden cane/ wooden versions but I'd appreciate peoples views on the 3 factory models above. How do people find the weight...