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  1. Shooting Sticks Cornwall

    Bit of a long shot but is there by any chance anybody in the Cornwall area on here with a set of Jakele Z4 sticks? I’d really like to see a set before commuting to purchase them; I’ve not seen one bad review but nothing compares to actually feeling a set! Cheers
  2. Carbon Fibre Shooting Sticks

    Hi all, I'm looking to make my own shooting sticks at some point and play around with some carbon fibre tubing. I've managed to source most of the components I need but am struggling to find anywhere that stocks the ground spikes for the ends of the poles. Does anyone know where to get them or...
  3. For Sale: Viper-Flex Styx Elite in stock

    More now in stock I have some sets of the new Viper-Flex® Styx Elite probably the best shooting sticks on the market. £195.00 per set free UK mainland shipping excluding Highlands . Please pm me. Viper-Flex® Styx Elite is a further development of our successful Viper-Flex® Elite shooting...
  4. Sold: Shooting Sticks - Knobloch, Vanguard, Bog-Pod

    I have the 3 following monopod, bipod and/or tripod shooting sticks for sale. All lightly used and in excellent condition. Only 1 item left: 3. Bog-Pod HD3 Tall Tripod with carry bag, yoke & PCA £120+postage Comes with Professional Camera Accessory head (for spotting scope or camera). Has...
  5. Best factory made shooting sticks

    Hi All, I'm after a set of shooting sticks and have narrowed it down to either the Knobloch, Bogpod or Vanguard bipod models. I appreciate that many use the home made garden cane/ wooden versions but I'd appreciate peoples views on the 3 factory models above. How do people find the weight...
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