Territory Hunting
  1. For Sale: The Karelian "Bear Hunter".

    The Karelian "Bear Hunter". Handcrafted in Russia by Expert Blade-Smith - Eduard Tichonov. Made for Professional Hunters and Big Game Specialists. Hand-carved handle made from lathed and smoothed, rich Karelian Birch. 100% Leather Sheaths - 1 x Buckle Sheath and 1 x Straight Sheath...
  2. For Sale: Imperial Red Stag Face Mask

    PLEASE SEE LINK: LUXURY STAG FACE MASK Beautiful Red Stag face-masks Handcrafted in Hertfordshire (UK) Price £12, free postage within the UK. Designed with hand-cut, top quality cotton and luxurious red fabric interior for additional comfort and protection. We have only 10 of these for...
  3. For Sale: SCEERY SIKA CALL NOW IN STOCK £27.95 Postage £6.00

    SCEERY SIKA CALL NOW IN STOCK £27.95 Post £6.00
  4. Dorset Sika

    Of all the trips I've done this year, this was the one I was most excited about, and the one I least knew what to expect - a bit of research throws up all sorts of things about Sika - they are tough and shot placement is key, they are hyper-stealthy and will appear from nowhere, and much more...
BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope