1. Are wildcat selling parts again

    Saw a thread on FB, that suggests wildcat moderators have gone back to selling individual parts again ( with a price hike) and aligns with the idea of them being modular. Anyone else seen similar or can confirm this?
  2. Sold: MAE Mod T Series - .22 Centrefire - off my Bradley Arms .223

    Hi, I have a MAE T Series Extreme Bushless .22 Centre Moderator in Black available for sale. It came with my Bradley Arms .223 but it's hardly been used. I've put around 100 rounds through it. RFD informed me of make and model and believe the thread size to be 1/2" x 28 UNEF. RRP at £309.00...
  3. Sold: Wildcat p12 .270

    Selling my wildcat p12 mod. It’s had less than 100 shots through it so in great condition. It’s sat in the cabinet for long enough. .270 calibre 14x1 thread but all interchangeable for calibre and thread at minimal cost £100
  4. Is anyone aware of current difficulties taking moderators to South Africa?

    I've just heard from a fellow hunter going to South Africa in May that he has been told that hunters currently arriving at J-berg airport with a moderator on their rifle are experiencing difficulties getting approval to take them through customs (April 2018). I've seen and heard nothing on this...
  5. Moderator Advice

    Looking for some advice. I bought a few years ago a tikka t3 .243 with an ASE, jetz mod stamped .30....but also has had 25-06 and .243 proof stamps. I have had my variation approved for a .30-06 and have ordered a tikka t3x hunter screw cut, assuming the moderator screws on with no trouble...
  6. Moderators

    Hi folks.Do anyone can recommend quiet mod for 308.
  7. many can you name?

    As Moderators have take the rifle world by storm over the past 15 years or so I thought it was time to compile a list. So how many moderators (fullbore only) can you name...? Please refrain from telling us how good or crap your mod is...Please just list the brand name 1) Vaime (Thats about...
  8. silencer explosion

    i brought a new roedale segmented silencer to go on my .243 tikka and thought it was great due to it being so small , light and quiet. however , a chap i go lamping with had the same mod on his tikka .270 and after about 50 shots he said he fired a shot only to hear a loud bang and see half of...