1. Backstop

    Sold: CZ 452 Silhouette . 22LR - Scope - sound mod - 3 magazines. Hardly used.

    Mods, I hope you don't mind me posting this on behalf of my elderly father who isn't too up to speed with IT. Please remove my post if unacceptable. My Father is selling his almost unused CZ 452 .22 rim fire 'Silhouette' model with composite stock. He has owned the rifle from new and has...
  2. G

    Greetings from sunny southern California (a bit smokey today)

    Hello all, I live in Ventura, CA which does not provide too many stalking opportunities except stalking at the range. I am a smallbore fan and have many rimfires both old and new, mostly the traditional style although I do have some semi-auto rifles and pistols. I do work the longer ranges for...