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  1. Wanted: Deer stalking experience Somerset or West Country

    Hi, I'm really keen to get some deer stalking experience in Somerset or West Country area. I've always been keen on shooting Rabbits with an airgun ......this is a big step up I know! I have booked on to a DSC1 course in March which should provide me with some basic skills and knowledge...
  2. Wanted: Looking for deer stalking opportunities in Gloucestershire/Wiltshire

    hi guys, me and my son are looking for deer stalking outings for: cull roe, muntjack, fallow and /or red deer. i am not looking for big trophys but cull bucks and does. Who can offer us something? marc
  3. Syndicate Place, South Lanarkshire, Abington

    Place has just become available 1/4/13. DSC1 needed, Insurance, appropriate variation on FAC. Roe Deer 98% with transient Sika. All vermin. No additional fees on shot deer. 1200 acres. High seats. 12 months £492.00 email or call 0n 07545 488688. Easy access, less than 10 mins from motorway...
  4. Wanted: Break Pine Marten's duck !

    Poor old "Pine Marten". He's new to stalking and is mustard keen to learn the ways of deer management, and how to fill his freezer. Sadly, his first two outings have not yielded venison. You can read his humorous posts elsewhere on SD :D I can't help him bag his first roe until the winter...
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