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    Hello - novice looking to learn

    Hi Everyone, My name is Adam, from Surrey. I've done target shooting since school but only got my FAC last year so still building my armoury (currently .22, .308 and Section 1 shotgun). I'm close to Bisley so I try to get as much range time as possible to get my (target) shooting skills up to...
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    Hi from East Sussex!

    Hello everyone, My name is James Billing and i live in East Sussex in the UK. I have done a game and wildlife management course at Plumpton Agricultural College finished it last year and achieved a distinction merit merit in this course, it had many aspects of the shooting industry from farm...
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    How to get into stalking?

    Hi to all! Iam 17 years old male and really want to go deer stalking or even become a stalker. I've been living in uk since 10 and in my family there are a lot of deer stalkers but unfortunatly all family members got their licences in my country which is very very strict and over there it takes...