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  2. Sold: S/H BLASER R93 PRO STOCK £595.00

    S/H BLASER R93 PRO STOCK £595.00
  3. For Sale: Tikka T3X Supervarmint Stock

    Excellent condition T3X supervarmint stock for sale with bottom plastic. Price £180 including postage
  4. Wanted: KRG Bravo

    Hi, I am looking for a KRG bravo for a T3 action in black. thanks, Rocco
  5. Sold: Tourbon Cheek raiser/riser

    As above, leather and brown suede. Clips to any stock, even works on thumbhole. Height added to cheek weld is 1.4" £22.50 posted
  6. Sold: Kydex black cheek raiser

    As seen, attached via velcro to add desired height and cheek weld. £20 posted
  7. Sold: S/H BLASER R93 OFF ROAD STOCK £500.00

  8. Sold: 17 mach2 CZ452 rifle

    Personal sale Bolt action Cz452 with: 11mm dovetail, 30mm rings, Threaded 1/2 UNF 20'' heavy barrel Sanded and oiled barrel channel, free floating barrel Trigger kit, pull is under 2lbs, crisp. Nice wood stock Full bluing, well looked after, little use. Excellent/superb condition...
  9. Wanted: WANTED, McMillan A3-5 or A5

    Hi, I am looking for a McMillan A3-5 adjustable stock with a tikka t3x inlet. I am wanting the colour to be marble with a mixture of either black, tan, green - black, grey, green - or something similar. thanks, Rocco
  10. For Sale: GRS Bifrost

    The Bifrost is our most adjustable and lightweight composite stock. Rugged and weatherproof with an ergonomic grip and fore-end that give you full control over your rifle in any condition. This stock has a height and canting adjustable recoil pad as standard and it is spigot ready. Picatinny...
  11. For Sale: GRS Sporter

    All the adjustability and ergonomics you need to make your rifle fit you 100%. Get in the crosshairs faster! Thi stock is favorite with hunters and competition shooters alike. Truly an all-rounder, and our all-time best-selling laminate model. Equipped with our famous SpeedLock adjustment...
  12. Sold: Winchester 70 Bell & Carlson stock

    I have a boxed brand new never fitted Bell & Carlson Winchester Model 70 Post 64 SA Carbelite stock £60 posted. Collection possible Hook (M3 J5) or Bisley.
  13. Sold: Browning Xbolt Eclipse stock

    Private sale Browning Xbolt Eclipse stock Righthand thumbhole and right hand bolt Long action Pepper grey thumbhole laminate More slimline than a Boyds with some bedding and an in-flex butt pad which is very comfortable. Length of pull approx: 14 1/2'' It is second-hand, so there is some...
  14. Sold: Sako Synthetic stock bedded £150

    Personal sale Sako stock Right-handed Synthetic (hard) - originally black but sprayed camo with Krylon. (can be removed with stripper at home if you wish to do that/get it cerakoted.) Inlet for A2 (Aii) models Short/medium suited to: 22-250,. 243, 308, 7mm-08 Bedded/front pillar Large...
  15. For Sale: Joe West Rem 700 thumbhole stock

    Joe West Thumbhole stock Remington 700 short action / clone footprint and Tier 1 (3rd eye) detach mag bottom metal. Varmint channel, pillars installed. Recoil pad and studs In superb condition as shown in photos. Stock £200 Bottom metal £100 Stock buyer has first dibs on metal.
  16. For Sale: Tikka standard synthetic stocks

    I have 2 tikka synthetic stocks for sale, both have came off t1x’s and will also fit the T3x, 1 has had the olive green inserts fitted (palm swell and beaver forend) plus T3x buttpad for length of pull and has seen 4 outings with no serious marks showing. the second is brand new and unused, I...
  17. Making a new wooden butt plate

    A quick post showing my way of making and fitting a wooden butt plate. I used measurements taken from another gun the customer previously had fitted. There are many ways of doing it, this is just my preferred method. Firstly, the existing butt plate is removed. A piece of walnut with a...
  18. For Sale: Gun Stock Services (refinishing, adjustments, fitting etc.)

  19. Gun Stock Services (refinishing, adjustments, fitting etc.)

  20. Sold: Krylon ultra flat spray paints x 4

    No priming required, ultra flat colours, hard wearing once set. Good for stocks, barrels, scope... Spray a base layer, do some patterns over the top, use a cup and a sponge to create effects.. Completely upto you. I had my first go on my cheap auction buy custom sako Aiii 7mm08, photographed...
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