1. Wanted: SAKO AII .308 stock (Any AII (2) used stock will do)

    Am in need of a Sako AII (2) Stock - Either another Stutzen or a Hunter/Plastic/Laminate/Composite, it does not matter which. Have had my Sako AII Stutzen forever, awesome little rifle. But I cannot use is on some estates (Moderator mandatory). Looking to fit a moderator as I do enjoy using the...
  2. Sold: Tikka T3 Supervarmint stock

    Good condition supervarmint stock for Tikka T3. All works as it should. £100 Inc p&p
  3. For Sale: AICS Arctic Warfare Stock, KRG Bolt Knob, 20MOA Rail for Remmington 700 .308 action

    For sale is a Accuracy International Chassis System stock in Arctic Warfare design, was used with my former Remmington 700 SPS Varmint .308. Comes with 1x AI 10 round mag and 1x Non-OEM mag holds 9/10 rounds. KRG Bolt Knob - Tactical handling and lager size than standard knob. 20MOA 200mm...
  4. Sold: Blaser R8 Professional Success Stock -*Further Reduced*

    Blaser R8 Professional Success stock + Trigger Unit. Metalwork included. 9.5/10 condition. Very well looked after. 22mm barrel channel from factory to accept Match barrels. **PRICE AMENDED £1300 OVNO
  5. Sold: PSE hunter stock - Tikka T3/T3X

    Hi all, Looking to sell my PSE Tikka T3 Hunter stock. It has been skim bedded by a very good riflesmith. You should be able to view pictures of the stock with this link: PSE stock pictures There are a few scrapes in the cerakote, however it is in immaculate condition otherwise, let me know if...
  6. Sold: Bell and carlson stock

    Stock for rem 700 short action. It has some scuffs and scratches. It has been bedded. Looking for £140 posted
  7. Sold: HS Precision stock £150 rem 700 sa

    Hs precision stock for sale Inlet for remington 700 short action Located near Thirsk Can be posted £150 but open to offers Would swap for some muntjac stalking Pics to follow

  9. Wanted: Sako 85 stock in M action, KKC, thumbhole or similar

    Hi, looking for Sako 85 stock in M action, KKC, thumbhole or similar would be nice.
  10. For Sale: Remington 700 SA McMillan A4 Stock & Atlasworx Bottom Metal

    I recently bought this for a project, but I don't have time to complete it. Comes with Atlasworx bottom metal. Very solid stock, adjustable length of pull and cheek riser. Original moulded OD Green colour £620 Post Will consider part exchange for a GRS sporter in black
  11. Filling Tikka T3X Stock

    I have a Tikka t3x Varmint in 308, the butt end of the stock is filled with a factory supplied foam insert, but it still feels light and hollow. I was thinking of removing the factory supplied foam insert and replacing it with something heavier / more dense. Has anyone else done this? Any...
  12. German Gun Stock Ranger

    I've had a few people ask me about my GGS Ranger stock recently and a few PMs asking for more details, so I thought I'd post a bit of a write up now that I've had it for some time. It's not a stalking rig, but it gets used most nights during predator control and also a sees a fair amount of...
  13. For Sale: Bullets, brass, rifle stock, rail, Tikka, PPU, Hornady, Woodleigh, cz

    Various bits for sale, prices include postage: Mainly new but also some once fired .303British PPU brass. Around 100. £28 Around 90 .312 (for 303 brit) 174gr RN Hornady Soft point bullets. £35 Around 90 .312 (for 303 brit) 215gr Woodleigh Weldcore bullets £48 (hard to find) Around...
  14. Wanted: GRS berserk stock tikka t3

    Hi I am after a couple of these if anyone has some for sale? Kind regards Ash
  15. Stock

    I have a tikka t3 and like the matte finish on the wooden stock and was woundering if anyone uses any oils or polishes on it to keep it looking good and protected for the elements and if so any recommendations. Really don’t want a gloss finish thanks olly
  16. Advice sought: new stock for a Tikka M65

    Hello, Just looking for some advice please. I have a gorgeous a gorgeous Tikka M65 in .308 (think it is the continental model with heavier barrel and fancier woodwork). It is in excellent nick and has a lovely action. However, I find it tough to shoot. Having pondered why for some time I...
  17. For Sale: Ruger 22 Boyds Laminate Stock

    The thread is for the bottom of the two stocks, with the top one already sold. The stock shows signs of bedding where the receiver lies, but completely unmarked on the visible parts of the stock. Don bought this in May 2012 RUG-77/22-FT-SI-PL. Rimfire Thumbhole Ruger 77/22 Factory Barrel Stock...
  18. Sold: GRS Berserk - Tikka T3

    GRS Berserk stock for Tikka T3 New setup forces sale Used literally a couple of times - it's a nice stock to shoot Great condition - near new £280 + recorded postage Ono *bipod not included
  19. For Sale: Factory Tikka T3 black synthetic stock off 243 Varmint for sale

    Hello I am selling the standard factory black synthetic stock off my Tikka T3 Varmint, which was a 243 with the varmint heavy s/s barrel. Please see photos. The stock DOES NOT have the screw on cheek piece and NO trigger guard. It does include larger varmint fore-end, recoil block for...
  20. Wanted: Stock for Tikka T3 Varmint - Manners, B&C, McMillan

    Dear All, I have been searching for an aftermarket stock for my T3 Varmint (R/H) and have turned up precisely zero in the UK, I was hoping that this wonderful community could provide any assistance or suggestions? (Yes ordering from the US notwithstanding) I'm generally not too fussed about...