1. Subsonic lead free alternative to .22

    Hi all, Does anyone know of an alternative accurate and also cheap subsonic rim fire calibre in testing to replace the .22 lr subsonic? Many thanks.
  2. Sold: Winchester .22LR Subsonic 40gr (Australian) Boxed Ammunition (Bristol)

    *** Mods - please move if this not the correct section to post but it did not fit the definitions of Firearms/Firearms Components *** For sale, 20 10 boxes (1000 500 rounds) of Winchester .22LR 40gr subsonic ammunition (black boxes with plastic trays) for sale at £5/box of 50. Collection from...
  3. Review- Hawke Vantage 30 WA SF IR 4-16×50 Rimfire .22 subsonic reticle with mount and Vortex Defender Caps

    Hi all, Doing a quick review on the following scope that came out earlier this month. Product page here. A very long winded model name for what is essentially a rimfire scope with premium centerfire features (more below), unique selling point is a BDC reticle calibrated for .22 subsonic ammo...
  4. Hi to everyone out there

    Hi, My Experience is mostly rough shooting 12 bore, and sorting out rabbits for friends with rabbit issues. Spend last new year on Islay in Scotland & had a brilliant time stalking and rough shooting. Like to eat what I shoot and a bit technical about bullets and aim points etc Have a FAC BSA...