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  1. Tikka T3x Tac A1

    Morning all, I have the opportunity to purchase a Tikka Tac A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor at a good price. What are peoples thought on the rifles themselves? I have had the opportunity to look at one but not shoot one. The price is good that I could buy it and rebarrel it for cheaper then a brand new...
  2. Tier One Tactical Bipod

    Evening all! Has anyone got a Tier One Tactical Bipod on a Blaser R8 by chance? I see there is a new Blaser adapter that looks more like a picatinny style? Whats your thoughts of it?
  3. For Sale: Walther .22 G22 Semi Auto

    Walther .22 G22 Semi Auto. This comes complete with Walther sound mod, 2 x 10 shot mags and scope, all in a hard carry case. This gun is in very good condition and shoots very well. £330.00. Any questions please call 07961850430. East Sussex. FIREARMS CERTIFICATE HOLDERS ONLY PLEASE PRICE...
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