1. Garmin Trackers for Teckels

    Hi guys. I bought a Garmin K 5x collar a while back now for my Teckel and stupidly bought just the collar without the handset. I’m off to Ireland shortly and in need of a handset but have seen some posts about how they aren’t compatible with uk law and don’t work. I’m just after a bit of...
  2. New Member Introduction

    Hi Everyone, My name is Paul. I’m 36 years old and have loved and handled dogs all my life. I’ve raised and trained 6 different dogs in those years; several mutts and terrier mixes and one Springer Spaniel. I’m American and grew up in the Southwest United States but currently live and work...
  3. teckels

    Hi every one . I hunt foxis with teckels think there a brilliant wee dog. Also do shooting . Just hope two lern a bit more on here as it seems two be a good site;) I live in Ireland