thread protector

Leica Amplus 6
  1. Sold: Assortment of rifle muzzle thread protectors - job lot.

    7 thread protectors for threaded rifle barrels. 3 are blued metal. 3 silvery. 1 black plastic. Goes as one lot. Few different threads. Good condition. I have two more that can also go in with them, blued metal and i believe 1/2 unf. Just abit rusty. If wanted. (not photographed) This would...
  2. Thread protector for M14x1 spigot?

    I have bought a second hand Tikka M595 synth/stainless in .308 It is screw cut with a M14x1 spigot. At least I think it is M14x1 after I measured it with vernier calipers. Lovely rifle and very happy with it. The thing is, I don't have moderator for it and don't really want one. I'd like a...
  3. Thread Protector for my Sauer 202 in .308

    Hello All! I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction to find a new thread cap for my .308 Sauer 202!? Its driving me mad trying to find one! I bust out the micrometer the other day and I believe the threads are M14, however all the thread caps online seem to be only from...
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