1. Sold: Wildcat Evolution bridge part

    As above in 5/8 UNF brand new £50.00 including postage
  2. Sold: Wildcat Evo Bridge 1/2 UNF £35.50

    As above Used bridge for a Wildcat Evolution Moderator in 1/2 UNF thread. Clean, tested and functional. WAS £48.50 posted. Now £35.50 posted
  3. Sold: 1/2 UNEF Predator Bridge

    Looking for a used 1/2 UNEF bridge for a Wildcat Predator moderator. Please PM me if you have one for sale.
  4. Sold: 1/2UNF Wildcat evolution moderator bridge

    As above private sale Some wear, as used, however perfectly functional. £42.00 posted.
  5. Mod to rifle thread tightening - advice please!

    Hi all, I have an ATec mod for the end of my Sako 75 in 308. The mod sits very well when first screwed on but after a bit of carrying in its slip or a few rounds down the barrel, it almost always works loose. Is there a product like loctite that I can use to tighten the thread up a touch? It...