1. Krabryn

    Potential of Turmeric for Warding Off Ticks & Lyme Disease

    As a retired pharmacologist, the old eye for a potentially useful product for us deer stalkers and the wider walking fraternity was caught today. I espied the attached article in The Daily Telegraph reporting a group in Bristol claiming turmeric is more effective than commercial tick repellants...
  2. .25-06

    Check for Ticks

    This new Website may be of use to you all Check for ticks About The Rural Health and Wellbeing Team at the University of the Highlands and Islands have been working with communities who have a high rate of exposure to ticks, and potentially Lyme disease, to explore methods that could be...
  3. Daz308

    Rovince Anti Tick at the CLA 2015

    Hi Guys, The full range of Rovince Anti Tick clothing will be available the Swillington Shooting Supplies stand at the CLA next week. I will be on hand to answer any questions and will also have a sample of the new Profi shirt soon to be available in the UK. This shirt is a lighter green...
  4. Alantoo

    On ev'ry Tick there is a tick upon his back to bite 'em

    On ev'ry tick there is a tick upon his back to bite 'em And on that tick a littler tick and so Ad Infinitum…. With acknowledgements to Jonathan Swift and Augustus de Morgan :) This is the third double tick I have had off my little springers this year! Two of them during a week walking on Arran...