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PSE Composites Limited

    S/H TIER ONE PICATINNY RINGSET 30MM MEDIUM £60.00 AS NEW https://rmacleod.co.uk/sh-tier-one-picatinny-ringset-30mm-medium-001004/
  2. Wanted: Tier One Bipod

    Either the Tactical or Evolution, must be 230mm version. Please PM me with any offers, thanks.
  3. For Sale: Tier One OPW 35mm High (17.46mm) Picatinny Scope Rings

    A set of Tier One OPW 35mm High (17.46mm) Picatinny Scope Rings for sale. Complete in the plastic box with both Torx bits and a Torx key. In excellent condition. Details: Brand: Tier One OPW 35mm High (17.46mm) Picatinny Scope Rings Tube Diameter: 35 mm Mount Type: 2 Piece, Fixed Width...
  4. For Sale: Joe West Rem 700 thumbhole stock

    Joe West Thumbhole stock Remington 700 short action / clone footprint and Tier 1 (3rd eye) detach mag bottom metal. Varmint channel, pillars installed. Recoil pad and studs In superb condition as shown in photos. Stock £200 Bottom metal £100 Stock buyer has first dibs on metal.
  5. Will it be worth it

    Afternoon all I lucky won a competition a while back and part of the prize was a new Sauer rifle in .308 lovely piece of kit. I also won a Tier 1 carbon fibre bipod mounted on a picitinny rail. It looks complicated and I was wondering if it’s worth or should I just look to sell it or buy a...
  6. Sold: nightforce nsx 3.5x15x50 ..tier one mounts fitted

    hi for sale is my nightforce nsx scope fitted with tier one picatinny mounts np1-rr reticle make easy work of estimating range on the fly illuminated reticle box and paperwork complete... this was used on a spare gun only used twice £1000 posted
  7. Tier One Tactical Bipod

    Evening all! Has anyone got a Tier One Tactical Bipod on a Blaser R8 by chance? I see there is a new Blaser adapter that looks more like a picatinny style? Whats your thoughts of it?
  8. For Sale: Tier One (Third Eye) 30mm Medium - short saddle Unimount

    Tier One Unimount: • Picatinny Fitting • 30mm • Medium Height • short saddle INCLUDES - 30mm to 1inch fittings so you can use a 1 inch tube in your 30mm mounts £190 plus postage
  9. For Sale: Optics Warehouse Tier one Picatinny rings

    Optics warehouse Tier One made 30mm Picatinny rings (high). £90 posted. As new. I've used them once for one outing, bought the wrong mounts, I needed adjustable bases/rings. cost me £120 plus post.
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