1. Sold: 20 Cal 32gr Nosler & V-Max

    20 Cal NOSLER 32gr Varmint Ballistic Tip Spitzer x 250 20 Cal Hornady V-Max 32gr x 52 £50 + £3 p&p (My first sale on here)
  2. .22-250 home loads

    Afternoon all, I currently use 55grn V-max in my .22-250 howa 1500 20" varmint to great effect on foxes (it is set up as a NV rifle with a photon extreme) just wondered what everyone else uses and your thoughts on the different heads available? Cheers for your time.
  3. 6.5x55 reloading

    I have just reloaded some 95 grain v-max in my 6.5x55, and took it down the field today and was very happy with the results... I shot a 4 shot group 0.781" at 130 yards. ( I was very happy as it was my first batch of reloaded ammo...) just need to get out of a night time now and give them a...
  4. varmint loads for 6.5x55

    i have just brought some h414 and while i was there saw some 95grain v-max cheep ish so got them too... and was just wondering what would be the best amount of powder as i cant find any where about the 95 grain for 6.5x55 i have federal, Winchester, and Norma brass i can use and cci primers. any...