1. Sold: Vanguard Quest T62U

    For sale Vanguard Quest T62U - used about 3-4 times, changed over to Viper Flex Journey. 3-n-1 shooting stick: Tripod, Bi-pod and Monopod Removable U-shaped yoke Quick flip lever leg locks Soft rubber fins help secure your weapon Light weight aluminium construction (weight: 2.2 lbs, folded...
  2. Primos Trigger Stick V's Vanguard Pro Stick

    Evening all, Firstly, my apologies as I know this is a bread and butter question for the site.... stalking sticks! However I am in the market for a set of tripod stalking sticks and haven't found a conclusive answer in any of the previous threads. At present I use a polecat mono pod for the...