FIRST LITE SEAK STORMTIGHT RAIN JACKET. Condition is New with tags. Medium in Dry Earth colour If you spend time where sunshine is a rarity but rain, sleet, fog or snow are the norm, then we feel your pain. The 3.5 layer SEAK Stormtight Jacket was specifically designed for our friends in places...
  2. Sold: Harkila Edward Lightweight Gore-tex Waterproof Trousers C58 (42")

    Harkila Edward Lightweight Gore-tex Waterproof Trousers C58 (42") in excellent condition, worn just a handful of times until (ahem) outgrown :oops: Please note that the fabric is very lightweight and will not stand up to heavy use. These are best worn when not planning to be crawling through...
  3. For Sale: Deerhunter Ram Trousers 34inch waist

    Selling Deerhunter Ram Trouser in APG realtree. Only worn a couple of times as I find them too long when wearing walking boots and they catch my heel. Size 34 inch waist No damage Deer-tex waterproof membrane Raised back to keep the cold out Knife Pocket Looking for £40 + postage
  4. Membrane Waterproof Jackets: - How they work

    Just read a few post about membrane jackets and thought it worth making a few comments which might or might not be useful. Waterproof membranes in clothing come in different grades, often seen refered to in mm (millimetres). You might hear or see 5000mm on a description or ticket on the...
  5. Swazi Clothing

    Has anyone got any experience using Swazi gear, have looked at a few options and some of their stuff looks pretty good the shops? I fancy one of the smocks, any feedback from Swazi owners?
  6. new jacket

    Been looking for new jacket. Had ridge line and riverwest but sweat buckets in them. Looking for light waterproof breathable jacket. Does Anybody have reviews on these three jackets: - Berghaus Cornice - Stoney Creek Tarn - Paramo Velez Adventure Thanks
  7. Brand New Ridgeline Grizzly Jacket Just Launched (£69.99 free SD Delivery)

    Hello all. We have had loads of enquiries about the new Ridgeline Grizzly Jacket, and it has just arrived into stock yesterday. After furnishing the forward orders, we still have every size in stock from Small to 5XL. Retailing at £69.99 for a waterproof, (non taped seams) windproof jacket...