1. Sold: 10 bore steel cartridges

    42 10 bore steel cartridges. All Remington sportsman and nitro steel. Long since sold my 10 bores so have no use for them. £84 Pick up from Preston or Catterick
  2. Any experience of Patternmaster Chokes?

    I’ve got a bit of goose shooting lined up for the next season, managed to get my hands on quite a few big steel cartridges and other that using my normal go to Briley half chokes, anyone actually stepped out into the more specific chokes and seen and conceivable advantage? I’m a big fan of...
  3. Danum's Wild Goose Chase 4

    Here is the last part of my wild goose chase from January. The weather changed completely from what it was at the start of the week. But still good to be out. Danum Outdoors YouTube channel Full playlist

    NOW STOCKING MUDDY GUTTER CALLS CHECK OUT THE RANGE https://rmacleod.co.uk/shooting-accessories/game-calls/
  5. Sold: Harrington and Richardson 10Bore Shotgun

    Personal sale 10Bore Harrington and Richardson Nitro proof 3.5inch chamber Single shot Hammergun 36'' barrel 14 " Lengh of Pull Good condition and good metalwork and colour hardening. Spotless bore and thick wall. £225 plus RFD
  6. Sold: 8 bore Barrel

    A spare 8 bore barrel for a Zoli. Want a spare for your 8 bore Zoli? Or perhaps own a Zoli in a different Bore size but may wish to switch to something different now and again? (Bp, modern muzzleloading) Good condition. £90 including RFD to RFD transfer.
  7. Hi, New to this forum

    Hi Guys new to the forum. Ive been hunting since knee high to a grass hopper, love deer hunting among other hunting, im a avid Call user and Builder. Im going to make a coffee and get stuck into some threads and hunting story's you guys have put on here. Look forward to discussing hunts...
  8. Goose guide Scotland recommendations

    Afternoon all I know it’s abit late in the season to be looking to book but would anyone have any recommendations for a guide in Scotland to do some goose & duck shooting Looking at a 3/4 night trip thanks
  9. First roe and muntjac, plus over firsts.

    Been meaning to do this for a while; to post about the Stalking scheme BASC does at the King's Forest, Thetford. Having been stalking various times with my grandad as he shot, and only having taken one red stag previously in Scotland for my 18th birthday a few years back, I consider myself a...
  10. Wldfowl season

    Are any of you guys out tomorrow after a quacker or a honker?....If so don't forget they've had a poor breeding season (round here anyway) and those young flappers will be as green as grass, give them a chance and in a couple of months they will be good sporting birds you will remember shooting...
  11. Wanted: deer stalking or wildfowling mid to south scotland.

    hi , me and a couple of mates are looking for a cheapish week wildfowling and deerstalking in scotland this autumn/winter. we are inbertween late teens and early twenties so have tight budgets and so obviously arnt looking to be shooting trophy deer , cull animals would be perfect.