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  1. Creating a deer haven in Wiltshire

    Hi everyone, Was hoping to get some advice and wisdom on this. I have 150 acres of land in Wiltshire that my family currently farm sheep on. In a few years time I am going to take over it and I want to turn it into a wildlife haven for the roe deer and muntis and also for the wider wildlife (we...
  2. Looking for new game dealer in Wilts/Hants area.

    I have learned today that Blackmoor Game, the dealer I have been using for 6+ years now is closing shop as of February (not sure when), so far no more detail given. We have Hampshire game on the doorstep, but he won't collect and last time we enquired was about 30% below Blackmoor's rates. I...
  3. Wanted: Looking for deer stalking opportunities in Gloucestershire/Wiltshire

    hi guys, me and my son are looking for deer stalking outings for: cull roe, muntjack, fallow and /or red deer. i am not looking for big trophys but cull bucks and does. Who can offer us something? marc
  4. Wanted: Recomendations for Fallow or Roe stalking somewhere near to Wiltshire?

    Can any of you recommend somewhere i can book some Roe or Fallow stalking over near Wiltshire / Stonehenge. Would like to try for a medal buck for my 30th next spring and the Mrs wants to go stone henge, thought i might be able to tie the two up and keep her sweet that way ! :) recommendations...
  5. Wanted: Pigeon Shooting Bath/Chippenham Area

    I've just moved into the area and am looking for pigeon and vermin shooting (shotgun) in the Bath/Chippenham area. I am fully am a insured BASC member with over 20 years experience in field shooting and have been professionally involved in firearms for 17 years. All rules and boundaries...
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