178 ELD-X Reload Swiss .30-06

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Hi all,

I'm looking to work up a new load for my .30-06 using Reload Swiss powder.
The projectile is the Hornady 178 grain ELD-X
Anyone have any advice and experience re which powder from their range to go with?

It seems RS60, RS62, RS70 & RS80 are all potential contenders.

Thanks in advance,


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The Reload Swiss reloading data book suggests that RS60 and RS62 are highly recommended for .30-06.
RS52 and RS70 are only marked as being recommended, there is no suggestion of RS80 being suitable though they do list some loads for that powder with 185 and 200 grain bullets.

paul o'

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RS62 is working well in the 280 ack imp from tests so far its on par with the IMR4350

paul o'

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I sent an email to swiss on there powder range giving them both the load data barrel twist fps etc that I was getting with my old powder imr4350 and requested data with in the same spec , and they came back to me with a full work up use'g RS62 that being the best choice ,
i'v just given them three sets of data loads for my sako 243 requesting the same but this time using three types of bullet , I was happy to have a email informing me along with 3x sets of data sent back so I can now use the same powder in the .243 , IMO there service is spot on .