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So I have a 0 ending birthday next year and hunting abroad specifically Africa is on my list. However I really would like my two boys 8&9 to experience Africa as well.

Whilst both boys stalk with me on occasion, I’m not sure they could reasonably join outings. It will however just be the three of us and so I’m trying to work out if this trip is achievable. I’m looking to balance taking a few cull animals and possibly a small trophy kudu. Whilst also viewing game with the boys and a chance of a little fishing which both boys enjoy (both are still at the catching stuff is really important phase).

My research so far has proven inconclusive and so I’m hoping you good people maybe able to provide some guidance.



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Hi Martin, from my experience the inland fishing becomes quite poor during the middle of the hunting season (June/July) but if you are flexible with dates e.g. April or Sept then you could make the most of the hunting and fishing. I have been on a safari that included dedicated fishing time. My advice would be to join and repost your message there- lots of South African outfitters are members and could make you an offer that caters for your boys.


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I would also recommend lots of very helpful chaps on there.


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try Mark Dedekind in Sa (MD SAFARIS ) ,or Danene over at ARU GAME LODGES in Namibia ,both great with young ones and great hunting outfitters with good lodging


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Your boys will love it and there is no such thing as a small trophy Kudu.
If you want to hunt a Kudu you should avoid anyone that charges by the inch, find an outfitter that offers Kudu at an acceptable price and go and find a big one.
A small Kudu will be immature so set your sights high and hunt an old bull.
If you go to Namibia you can hunt and then try fishing for shark, steenbras etc on the Skeleton Coast.
Most inland water will be gone during their winter and as mentioned above, fishing will be hard during the middle of the year.
Any decent outfitter will be glad to accommodate you and your sons and adjust the hunting to suit you and them.
You might walk and stalk or sit in a blind if your sons are finding it hard going but trust me, the thrill of being on the ground in the African bush with the animals around them will spur them along.
I am also a member of and there are plenty of folk there who can help you.
There are loads of hunt reports to read so you can get a very good idea of what to expect.

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Hi Martin
Taking your kids will be no problem they will love it. I took my son at 8 years old first time and he shot a Blebuck and Impala. I'm assuming you will be looking at half term times so Easter is a good time in SA as it is coming into autumn. July and August are the end of winter so is cooler.
We offer plenty of options at Settlers Safaris so please give me a call to have a chat.
By the way you will also need special paperwork to take the kids due to child trafficking laws.
07779 721726