Available: Amazing Staling Avalible Nationwide in the 2016 NGO Auction


The National Gamekeepers Organisation would like to thank The Stalking Directory for supporting us and for allowing us to post these 2016 Auction Lots below. The NGO represents gamekeepers, stalkers, ghillies and defends and promotes gamekeeping and therefore shooting.

To place a bid please email info@nationalgamekeepers.org.uk with a subject: AUCTION BID please include your name, telephone number, the LOT NUMBER and maximum bid - Good luck!

Lot 40 - Accompanied day's stalking for one person for fallow or roe bucks dependant on the time of year and season. Accommodation for one night included - Devon - £150

Lot 42 - Morning or evening stalk for one rifle in April 2017 on a productive private estate, no trophy fees - Devon - £250

Lot 43 - A morning or afternoon (weekends) stalking roe does on productive Wiltshire down land, mainly large arable fields - Wiltshire - £110

Lot 44 - One session stalking roe bucks on a private estate in the heart of the county guided by the keeper to include the culling of one animal. The carcass will then be butchered and jointed in the estates larder for the winning bidder to take home - Wiltshire - £200

Lot 46 - One day accompanied roe doe stalking for one person on an exclusive private estate date to be arranged - Dorset - £100

Lot 47 - One session stalking either roe or muntjac bucks on private estate near to Cirencester with the keeper - Gloucestershire - £150

Lot 62 - A days taxidermy course for one to taken at a date to suite. You can bring your own specimen to work on. You will learn the basics of taxidermy and by the time you leave you will be able to do your own birds - Wiltshire - £250

Lot 63 - One day for two people to learn the art of sausage making. Using local ingredients to prepare burgers, sausages and pheasant. You will get to taste all of these treats at the end of the session - Wiltshire - £70

Lot 72 - An afternoon stalking roe bucks during the rut. Nice mixed terrain with woodland and arable fields (no trophy fees). Date to be arranged with the keeper - Hampshire - £200

Lot 73 - One session stalking roe does on a private estate in Hampshire with easy access from the M3 motorway. You can either stalk or use a high seat or both - Hampshire - £110

Lot 74 - Trophy roe buck stalking during the rut. Opportunity to enjoy classic woodland stalking for a nice trophy roe buck. Dates and times to be arranged around the end of July / beginning August 2017. Your bid includes up to three three hour outings and a six point roe buck equipment can be supplied - Hampshire - £360

Lot 75 - Fallow or muntjac stalking for one rifle on a private estate (Faccombe) in a prime location - Hampshire - £200

Lot 76 - A morning private dogs for deer training with the chairman of the UK Deer Tracking Organisation (UKDTR) and then a stalk for a potential medal roe buck that evening - Hampshire - £250

Lot 77 - A session stalking roe and muntjac buck with a very good chance of a medal muntjac - Berkshire - £150

Lot 78 - A morning and evening stalk for roe bucks for one person to include an evening meal and B&B. You will be able to shoot one medal class roe buck and unlimited cull animals - Surrey - £360

Lot 79 - An afternoon stalking CWD bucks on a prolific area with a very good chance of a medal buck - Buckinghamshire - £250

Lot 80 - A full weekend stalking for 2 rifles - morning and evening, cull fallow prickets and does, roe does and muntjac during November to February - Dorset or Hertfordshire - £600

Lot 90 - Chinese Water Deer stalking for one rifle one afternoon during 2017 season on a productive estate with the keeper - Bedfordshire - £200

Lot 91 - Muntjac stalking for 1 rifle one afternoon accompanied by the keeper - Bedfordshire - £150

Lot 92 - Morning and evening stalk for one rifle row, fallow or muntjac - Lincolnshire - £140

Lot 93 - A evening hind stalking, equipment can be provided - Cheshire / Staffordshire - £70

Lot 104 - A morning and evening muntjac stalking on a private estate date to be arranged - Norfolk - £150

Lot 105 - A morning and evening Chinese water deer stalking for one rifle on the North West Norfolk coast. Date to be arranged with the head keeper - Norfolk - £200

Lot 114 - One day red hind stalking for one rifle near Sheffield - South Yorkshire - £140

Lot 115 - One session stalking red hinds on the hill for one rifle assisted by the head stalker on the Settle Estate - Cumbria - £150

You can download the full catalogue http://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/media/uploads/cat-259/AuctionCatalogue16.pdf there are many other exciting lots with wildfowling, driven shooting and fishing!