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I have no axe to grind either way but a hunter of considerable experience explained it to me like this.

'the reality is that hundreds of animals are killed by farmers in Africa as they take their live stock or damage their crops, many by poisoning. This is because the live stock and crops have value to farmers and the big cats etc have no value, they inflict a cost. But if you give them a value by letting some be hunted under government licence a few are lost to hunters but many more are saved due to them having a value to farmers. Also that often the meat is eaten locally and some money goes into the local economy. '

So that's one side of the argument put by one person and perhaps why some are urging caution on a ban.


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That makes sense to me and if probably why we don't have wolves or bears in the uk any more. Imagine if we all turned vegan, all the cows and sheep and pigs would dies out except for a few kept at zoos.
If we all turned vegan the greenhouse gas effect would be devastating, the PC brigade would then turn their attention to limiting our consumption of beans.