B Square Rail on Bergara B14


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Hello all. I have just got a Bergara B14 .243 and the action is identical to a Remington 700 short action. I recently got a B Square weaver rail for it, and only three of the holes line up-the fourth is just slightly out of place.

Will this be hugely detrimental? Should I get another rail?



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If the front two screws line up, it will be no problem with a .243 recoil, because most of the shearing and torsion force will be on the front of the rail.

I had this same problem with a .30-06 where someone used Loctite on a screw, broke it off, and buggered the threads extracting it. I put on a rail and used it a good while, before I got around to drilling out the rail and receiver to replace the #6 screws with #8s.