Swap: Caithness sport for something more local


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Good morning Gents,

This is a very long shot, but posted with the approval of the prize donor.

I was lucky enough to win some sport in Caithness in the charity rafflr ran on here a while back. Due to a change in personal circumstances, I am not going be able to make the 20 hour, 1000 mile round trip to take up the prize.

I’m looking to swap for something within 4 hours travelling of Lincoln, with someone who is willing/able to travel to Caithness. Obviously this is going to take trust and co-ordination, happy to wait until you have successfully arranged something with the original prize donor before reciprocating.

Time is short and he is getting booked up, but this is the choices available in the original offer, obviously now subject to availability.

I’ll consider most things but would prefer stalking, this is hopefully within the spirit of the charity raffle and we can arrange something mutual - if anyone has issues with what I am doing please let me know, I don’t want to upset anyone.

Roe Buck stalking available in May and June, one eve and morning stalk free and 2 Bucks if your successful.

A couple of days Roe Does from end of Jan to end of season.
A couple of days Duck and Goose shooting, if you like wing shooting the decoying here is great.
A days Salmon fishing September would be best.
A couple of days on Dunnet head trout fishing the lochs, mainland Britain most northerly lochs, may to sept, but May and June possibly the best.
The hind stalking in Rosshire will not be available next season, the weather has killed to many this season, but I will likely have availability in Invernesshire during Jan and feb.