Available: Covid cabin-fever - Field position rifle coaching / Intro to Deer Stalking


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Summer is coming and hopefully, with Coronavirus departing - what about coming down and enhancing your abilities as a rifleman?

It is a sad fact that obtaining any 'practical' rifle coaching is quite hard to come by in the UK - especially when you are looking for techniques that are biased towards the needs of the mobile deer stalker, as opposed to the long range or safari shooter.

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Many of us will purchase a scope, bipod and rifle, drill tiny groups at the range or from a bench - then fail to achieve our best when faced with an opportunity for a shot where intervening cover makes the bipod useless.

Over the years, I have noted many techniques and developed twists on existing shooting methods that allow a noticeable improvement in your accuracy and additionally, the speed with which you can engage a target. Now I am prepared to make an offer that may well appeal to many shooters.

Refine your shooting technique or your money back!

Benefiting either Novice (can provide rifles/ammunition if you do not possess your own equipment) or Experienced shooters, we offer four hours of practical and theoretical marksmanship coaching. £.100

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  • We have the use of a private range, and tailor the program to your existing abilities and experience
  • work on zeroing technique on the bench
  • effective use of high and low seats
  • improvised rests and correct usage of many varieties of stalking sticks for all shooting positions
  • short range training using sub-calibre rifles before a consolidation shoot to confirm technique.
  • just north of Axminster in Devon, we are situated in the middle of rich deer country & if you wish to then go out and put into practice your shooting techniques, well, we have plenty deer to cull!

We also have excellent accommodation on site, so arranging a visit is very straight-forward!

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Please, Email or phone me to discuss - I do not always see replies to forum threads & may miss a query.


Ian :)


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What a great-looking set-up. Could be a nice post-Covid treat to oneself. I think we all profit from having an experienced third-party take us back to basics periodically.
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I would highly recommend Ian's coaching. He's also got some nice stalking ground too so go get some coaching then put it into practice


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Ian is a delightful chap to a;- do buisness with and b;- simply be in the company of.

This offer has got to be one of those "once I see light at the end this C-19 lockdown tunnel" opportunities not to be missed as demand is certain to outstrip availability.