Decent Rain Jackets


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Anyone used any of these :-

Flexothane Dortmund Rain Jacket - Zoro UK - Experts in Hand Tools, Power Tools and PPE

or the Elka Forestry Jacket - Elka Forestry Jacket (179801) ⋆ PPG Workwear | Embroidered Workwear Clothing and PPE Suppliers in the UK

Looking for waterproofs that can be used when power washing, travelling on the quad in bad weather, whilst picking up or feeding. Used Monsoon Jackets and trousers but gone through too many sets and the waterproof coating breaks down over time but a little too quickly.

Any other suggestions welcome.


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I don't know the product you point to. But for the jobs you describe, you can't go wrong with some military surplus Gortex outer shell layers.
Depending on the season, you can have more or less thermal layers underneath.
I have a pair of desert pattern leggings (est £20) permanently on my wellies. Just step in, pull them up and your ready for wet and dirt.
Likewise with the Gortex jacket. (Est £35)
I tried them for stalking once, but they were too noisy, my mate called me Russel!

They'll be fine for what you describe, and probably stalking from a high seat.
Check out Ebay.


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I used to carry out high/ultra high pressure jetting work wearing Flexothane one piece suits. light, flexible, cheap, and totally waterproof.


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I use the Flexothane jacket and trousers almost every day on the farm they last for ages totaly water proof. I have tried other none have lasted along as these.
Atb kev


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I do wear flexathene quite a bit but there usually pretty rubbish. Seem to be very hit and miss if the top proofing peels off. And even the good 1s aren't very waterproof
Some of the other brands like sealskin are sometimes better.

If it's the Elka I'm thinking off it will be more like a light oil skin so soft breathable but fairly waterproof.

I've seen me having both types in the van and picking which is best for the day/job.
Like many things horses for courses, and everyone will have a different favourite.

I would imagine the Elka would be best for power washing and quad as both relatively stationery.

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Flexothane are good and very light but if you want to be really waterproof have a look at Guy Cotten. I used to work on a fish farm and we used them and they are extremely waterproof and long lasting. They are a bit heavier and hotter to wear than flexothanes but they are not overly sweaty.