Game Fair.


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Will we have any in 2021?
I miss them.
Do you think anything like normal, will be restored ?


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The big game fairs like they used to be maybe a decade or more ago I do miss. But even then, one year to the next was a bit same-y. So I'd go every two or three years. But anyway, over time, they deteriorated greatly and game fairs like that, I don't miss at all really, because I stopped going.

Maybe there'll be a reboot when we are all immunised from you-know-what and loads of retailers will have lots of stalls to sell the wares they haven't been able to shift in lockdown at good prices and there will be a mile long gunmakers row and...and...Oh. I've woken up now.


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I didn't go to the Scottish one at Scone last year, and unless it changes markedly, won't be going for the foreseeable. Too samey and expensive.