Gamswild Jagd Austria


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I’m not usually one for doing write ups but thought I’d share an excellent trip I had to Austria in November with a mate during the Gams rut (you about get punched for calling them Chamois).

I was first treated my first successful (having not been lucky in the past) gams jagd by a German friend about 3 years ago in Austria as a thank you (not that I needed it due to all the boar hunting he’s given me) for our annual roe stalking soirée.

Anyway long story short one of my friends was invited to Germany on the boar with me and as we sat in the cabin at night drinking and telling tales following a driven day the talk of gamswild became the topic of interest with me more than being up for going back.

As my mate hadn’t shot gams before and was mad keen we asked if a price could be arranged with Tomm the lad that I had been successful with. Anyway a few weeks past and I chased my German mate up who said Tomm doesn’t want to sell you stalking.... he’d like a swap hunt if you can arrange some stag stalking during the rut for him and his brother in law your game on for a gams each (if the opportunity presents). Needless to say the decision making process took about half a second and the arrangements were made.

October came and the Austrians went with 3 stags and 2 bucks between them and happy faces all round.

November arrived and about a week before we were due to fly I started receiving pictures of snow.... lots of snow (unseasonably early) with talk of bringing winter whites and a lot of beer drinking as opposed to stalking, I have to say that worries of the amount of snow buggering our trip started to concern me.

Anyway we arrived and eventually reached Tomm’s place after taking the train as the road was closed due to avalanches and land slips and chatted over a beer in the kitchen whilst listening to the ‘whuuummpppphhh’ of avalanches on the other side of the valley before going to bed.

First light came and I looked out the window at what can only be described as picture postcard views. Following breakfast we were split with myself going to the high ground with Tomm on the ski bike and my mate going with Cris to the lower ground at the snow line.

We ascended to where I had set out from my previous successful hunt 3 years ago and I was just blown away by the beauty of the place and how lucky I was to have the opportunity to be there.

Up top the family has cabins with the oldest being built in 1890 and we stopped there and spied. Tomm looked a bit deflated and said due to the snow he was of the opinion the gams would be lower down or indeed higher up where the wind blew the snow away to allow the game to feed. Nonetheless we spent a few hours spying and spotted a large stag which we watched for a while. We then went to put feed out for the stag during which time I could hear a raven crawing on and off.

Looking down I couldn’t see anything at which time Tomm took a call from Cris saying that they hadn’t got a shot on a buck but were away to stalk into a group on a rock face so might be late for lunch. At this point I heard the raven again and looked down and saw a bit of movement.... fox!! ‘Fuchs’ I whispered to Tomm who looked, hung up the phone and told me to grab the rifle.

I moved forward to a bump and set the rifle on the bag and asked Tomm to range it, 304m was the reply. A quick conversation to discuss the bullet drop on his rifle and I took the fox much to the delight of Tomm who seemed even more chuffed than me.

Following this we went down for a late lunch and met up with the other pair who had been successful with a nice gams buck for their trouble and listened to the story from a very happy mate who had been celebrating since his arrival being force fed schnapps and beer by Cris’s father who is also a jäger.

It was then decided that Cris would take me out to just below the snow line for last light to wait for the gams coming out of the tree line on the face.

We parked the wagon on a track and walked up the side of a stream where we entered a high seat and waited. After a while there was movement and we saw a couple of roe feeding about 300m away. Then just as I was spying a face I got a nudge from Cris who was reaching for his telescope to assess a gams that was stood at the edge of the tree line.

After what seemed like ages Cris smiled and gave the thumbs up, it was a suitable class to shoot. I waited for it to wander out a bit further and set up my daysack on top of the sandbag present, not high enough to get the elevation so another sandbag was added to the pile and I was comfortable to take the shot with Cris confirming it was just a touch over 200m.

Success, we waited for it to stop rolling down the hill and climbed up to retrieve my prize before returning for the statutory force feeding of schnapps!!

I won’t bore you with the rest of the trip but hope you like the pictures.


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I really enjoyed your write up and the photos. I accompanied a friend of mine who was trying for a gams in September. No snow just early morning frosts followed by warm days and amazing mountain views.


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Very enjoyable write up. A gems hunt in the alps is top of my list of things to do. Not sure when or where yet, but just being up in the mountains surrounded by beautiful scenery and having to put I. A hard shift for success just sounds perfect to me.


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Very enjoyable write up. A gems hunt in the alps is top of my list of things to do. Not sure when or where yet, but just being up in the mountains surrounded by beautiful scenery and having to put I. A hard shift for success just sounds perfect to me.
If you get the chance go for it, you won’t regret it, I can’t wait to return, just have to see if it’s this year or next.

I’m hoping I get a nice buck or two on the trail cams to temp my pal from Austria to pop over for a long weekend first.