Wanted: Goose shooting in scotland


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Have they culled the young ones this year with the lock down or there will be a lot less wheat around...


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David Milne, near Peterhead always has a lot of geese that need shooting.


Davie Milne up near Peterhead in the north east is one of the best goose guides in the area. He has access to some of the best goose shooting in the UK and lots of it.
there are large populations of grays and pinks flighting inland from the Loch of Strathbeg and around the Ythan estuary. To witness skenes of sometimes thousands of geese setting wings and wheeling in all around you has to be one of the best experiences of nature these islands can provide. Morning or evening flight for malard, teal and widgeon from one of his many ponds will not disapoint. He also offers woodcock days to partys large and small and anyone looking to grass a medal roe buck would do well get in touch with Dave for the quality of the Buchan bucks are second to none.
I for one cant wait for the first skenes to return and be out under the moon with a strong wind in my face.
Davie and Ronnie can be reached on
07802510225 and 07901578335
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