Headland Buck..


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A small block local to me has produced a number of muntjac, being a spring drill the main crop is still quite low but the headlands are racing away.
I bailed out of one one stand with it not being drilled the vegetation is too tall also my stand was next to a damp ditch which woke up every mozzi from it's sleep, come the winter the tall stuff will die back so should be good again.

Moving back to the spring drill area the tall trees shadow the headland, a muntjac shape came out then back in of the long grass, when he went in I moved down a tram line to gain some yards. I could see him with the thermal but would have to wait for him to cross the open gate way.
Know the still evening picked up a breeze the wrong way also being in an open field was not great but made a safe shot, as he made his way to the gap my chance came closer.
Rifle was waiting on the sticks, a pip on my caller pulled him up...
31Lb dressed so top weight for one.

Happy Spaniels had the still warm heart in a flash lol


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