Help regarding Rash on a HWV bitch


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I’m looking for any advice from either vets or dog owners who have dealt with a similar situation to this please and can offer some advice.

I have a 10 month old HWV bitch who over the last 4-5 months has developed an intermittent rash that appears to be on the areas with little to no fur on her body. She had no symptoms at all for the first few months after we collected her and then randomly the rash appeared. We took her to the vets who said it was likely a grass allergy (by now it was late spring and the grass was growing in full swing) so gave her a steroid injection and told us to give her piriton after a couple of weeks if it flared up again. Being a stalking companion I can’t avoid grass for ever otherwise she won’t be able to come stalking!

Since the first visit we have been back twice more when it has got bad. We have tried walking her away from grassy areas which seemed to help initially but not any more does it make a difference. She has been on the same diet since we got her (BARF raw chicken carcasses, wings and venison bits) so this has been a constant with no changes plus all bedding has been the same with no different cleaning products etc.
The rash seems to be only on the areas where she has no (or very little hair) and she will lick and itch he areas regularly but not necessarily constantly. She will still sleep peacefully and chill out for a lot of the day.
She did on one occasion start licking between the toes on a front paw so much she made the shin red raw and licked the hair off so this is one of the circumstances we took her to the vet. Again they didn’t seem to offer much other than she had come into contact with something and it was a likely allergic reaction.

Does any one have any suggestions of things we can try to avoid or do differently or any product to use to help out? Whilst I am not a cheap skate when it comes to my dog’s welfare I can’t afford £70 a pop every month or so to the vet for them to say they don’t know what is wrong and to just give her a steroid injection and tell me to give her piriton.

I’ve attached some pictures to give an idea of what the rash looks like. They’re not the best but she’s not very photogenic and won’t lay still!

20181002_095734_resized.jpg 20181002_095803_resized.jpg 20181002_095831_resized.jpg 20181002_095742_resized.jpg 20181002_095738_resized.jpg
It’s hard to be sure from the pictures, but that looks like a skin infection, that likely has its origins in allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis being the most likely. Classically the hairless parts of the body, eg groin, armpits and bottom of feet are affected. Nowadays we have two very good drugs in Apoquel and Cytopoint for allergy control. The secondary infection will exacerbate the condition and needs treating too.


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We have had something very similar this year on our 5 year old poodle / springer. Never had it before but this year since spring has been terrible.
have been prescribed I think Apoquel (need to check later) but I have to say now comingto the end of a lower dose course, it hasn’t cracked the scratching issue. She was better when on a higher dose.

she has been seen by 3 different vets at the practice now and one has suggested being permanently on the Apoquel (if that is what it is) and one other thinks it may go away as the weather gets colder and things like harvest mites reduce in number.

so no answer but I feel your pain.

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My HWV had it as pup and still gets it occasionally.
Originally on advice from a vet nurse friend of mine i washed her tummy regularly with diluted hibiscub and then dried and creamed her up with a bit of baby bum cream or udder cream and this cleared it up getting red of the infection.
Now she is six she still gets the problem occasionally and the treatment sorts it.
I just check her after outings and at the smallest sign in give her a once over.
Being a wizzy she hates the attention NOT.
Hope this helps


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Does the dog live inside or out if out does it have any bedding as that may be mites under the skin another thing may be that it’s food may be too rich I would try changing it’s food to something around the 20% protein for at least one bag but always remember a change of food will give the dog diarrhoea for the first few days until it gets used to it,w


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Wifey has a Jack/Man terrier cross (2 actually) and every year starting late summer the bitch shows those exact symptoms.
Each year we’ve taken her to vet (Allergy) where she’s had a steroid injection. After 2 weeks it clears up.
This year, same symptoms and a friend suggested it might be Harvest Mites. Got some Antiforte Mite-STOP powder.
This has made no difference so it’s off to the vet.
It had been suggested by the vet. the first time it occurred that hay might be causing it, so we kept her away from the vicinity of all farm fields each summer/Autumn, to no avail.
PS. Think we paid £50 for the consultation/injection last year.


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Thanks for the replies so far everyone. Looks like another trip to the vet and maybe see about another prescription for one of the anti allergy meds mentioned above.

Walking through winter wheat or stubble? Does it come up in whiteheads at all?
No never comes up as whiteheads or any spots with puss at all. She is kept indoors and her bedding is washed at least twice a month.


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Hi Nun-hunter,
Just seen this so sorry for the late reply.
My SRP has occasionally the exact same symptoms. Always comes at this time of year if he gets it (doesn't get it every year). Spoke to my vet about it and he's of the opinion that its an allergic reaction to something thats been sprayed on the crops.....wouldn't be surprised if its whats sprayed at the end of season to stop growing before harvest.
Vet is quite straightforward and suggested just washing the dog in something hypoallergenic/gentle if he gets an outbreak.
Fingers crossed he hasn't had an outbreak over the last two seasons.
Hope this helps.
Regards, Rob.


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My HWV dog had exactly the same problem when he was younger which worried me a lot. Tried the vet and all sorts, hibiscrub, vaseline, nappy rash cream etc. They seemed to ease it. Don't put the cream on before a day out as the dirt sticks to it and exacerbates the problem.

By the time he was about 3 he had toughened up and grown out of it thankfully. Now 6 and ancient history.


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One of my bitches gets this from time to time. The vet believes it's contact related something in the undergrowth that triggers it and quite possibly seasonal, it tends to be worse around Sept and Oct. He suggested washing down the prone areas with water after being out and applying a small amount of steroid cream (Isaderm) if it gets too bad. This regime seems to work fine and we keep it under control.


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Likeliest options are:
a) Puppy pyoderma - will go with first season, but will keep recurring until then. Hibiscrub washes with perhaps steroid cream for that fold
b) atopy - ie an allergy of some kind, which may well go with the oncoming winter. Steroids, apoquel, atopica, cytopoint all good stuff.

You can do a blood test to narrow down the likely allergy, but I'm inclined to go with option 1 - it will resolve with time, but you might need spot here and there.
Thanks for the help so far. Think I will invest in some hibiscrub and see what happens as she matures (not had her first season yet). It has calmed right down at the moment and she is back to normal.
My spaniel gets this from time to time, in his ‘swimsuit area’ as my gf calls it. Diluted hibiscrub to clean up usually does the trick but if it scabs or blisters a topical steroid cream clears it up quickly. He sometimes gets it after swimming but usually it’s something plant related but it seems to happen when it’s wet.