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Hi, i have been shooting all my life although only recently getting into centrefires in the last couple of years, mainly in the southwest area, although have stalked in the highlands. currently have a 308 tikka t3.

i have not ever used a forum before, so sorry if get it wrong. A a friend suggested i ask about a concern i have - i have recently been given permission to shoot in a small wood. on my first venture, about a month ago through the woods i noticed a single dead buck, quite young, only a year or two old, it appeared in good condition, no signs of anything wrong with it, i did not think a great deal of this until yesterday when the owner of the woods told to me that there was another dead buck, no sign of any damaged/disease etc. there are plenty of roe there, i have seen in excess of 10 on one visit, plus muntjacs

of note the original carcass is still there - untouched, also i thought perhaps a little unusual??

anyone any ideas what may be causing this, should i do anything if there is a problem?

thanks in advance for any ideas



Welcome to the forum - I'm also in Wiltshire. Was the buck shot? Any sign of cause of death? There seems to have been a lot of poaching in the Wiltshire/Gloucestershire area, near to me recently - roughly where is your ground? If you think it has been shot and no one else has permission, let the landowner and police know. Others on the forum will know what if anything to do with the carcass(es) - whether to leave, bury or report.
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hope you solve your mystery, maybe put up a post in the diseases, biology section with some pics of anything unusual on the carcass?