UK Outfitters
Hi I'm new here ,Retired from the UK in 2008 to France ,The local hunt asked me to help them with beating and guarding ,That was 10 years ago and last year attained my French hunting licence for shotgun and rifle ,
The season runs from September to February but we can get called out to shoot boar from July if crop damage is severe, Normally a rough shoot unless i give the call to change to slug for boar or deer,
Most of the dogs are dual purpose retrieving or marking pheasants, In the case of my dog standing away from Wild boar 5 to 10 metres and barking constantly until they run.
Last Saturday was a great day for me shooting my first boar with my very first shot as it sprinted behind me after my pal had wounded it,
2 hours 40 minutes by car to Mayenne north from here, Many wild boar here in the forest ,Red deer and roe ,Also in fenced private parks around have plenty of game
Hi Thankyou, Yes quiet here 200 metres from the forest and to the west farmland and just a few houses ,Nearest villiage 3ks away, Because I'm on the edge of the forest it seems to be a highway for wild boar deer ect ,Ive seen roe deer and boar tracks in my garden especially in the hot summer to my lake ,The driven hunt certainly gets the adrenaline going when the dogs call out and you know its a boar.
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