Joint Suppliment Jack Russell


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I've used two so far 'YuMove' and 'Canine super flex' was the other one. I thought i had used one called canniflex but i can't find that one so i may be mistaken. I prefer the liquid versions but that's only based on the fact it's easier to administer. My dog does seem to move better while on the liquid and its cheaper.

big ears

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We tried you move which did no good. Our vet said try Tesco Glucosamine. Much cheaper and has done the trick. Happy dog again.

delta wolf

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Try joint aid for dogs, it has extended the working life of my working gsds and spaniels so noticeably that my pets are also now on it. I have been using it for almost 10 years. I buy it in the 2kg size online which makes it more affordable.


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Thanks Steve curry & 375 mag but sadly he's no longer with us
16yrs and 4mths old so he had a good run but 7 weeks on still missing him not being there



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It matters not the least bit which brand you use as they probably don’t work!! Yumove has green lipped mussel in that is a good omega 3 source so may act as an anti inflammatory agent which confounds things somewhat!