Wanted: Labour or ground work for tree surgeon/forestry

Hello all,
Not stalking related, but I'm sure there are some on here who it may apply to, even if they're not able to help.
I work currently not-quite-full-time doing two jobs for the same employer, but after a long hard think I've realised I want to do something different while I'm still young enough to make a go of it. I'm looking to get into arb/forestry work, and have booked my CS30/31 in July. I'll also look at booking my trailer test soon, and afterwards more CS courses as they become relevant. These are big financial commitments for me, so you can rest assured I'm not on a whim here.
For now I'm very keen to get any experience I can that will be useful in helping me achieve my eventual career change. If anybody is in need of a labourer, brash dragger, chipper feeder, etc. I'm usually available 2-4 days a week. Based in Stourport (Worcestershire) but don't mind a bit of a drive. Can provide own PPE, no stranger to hard work, early starts, etc.
Thanks a lot


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Good move and good luck, my friends lad has just come out of the army after 5 years and is loving his tree work/training.

What tim said, good on you, have you thought about one of the college courses too as some of them include the basic necessary chainsaw tickets etc?

Thanks both :cool: I'm quite fortunate in that I do enjoy the job I already have, it's just not what I want to do forever!
I have looked at college and in an ideal world that's what I'd do, but unfortunately it's not workable for me.


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Shame you're not closer. Good luck. I had a complete change of career 12 years ago and I'm still glad I went into tree work.

Tom D

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I’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years now, it’s a great job but the money is crap compared with other trades, yes it can be good when you’re experienced but it can be pretty bad in the early years. If you were local I’d give you a few shifts, we’re flat out at the moment.