Wanted: Looking for land to stalk/manage Aberdeenshire,Scotland


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Hi I am looking for land in Aberdeenshire to stalk/ manage deer. I’m 27 and keen. I’m happy to share as I am inexperienced and also looking for a mentor. If you know anyone that fits the description let me know. Thanks
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Welcome, and good luck in your quest. A lot from Aberdeenshire around here, but finding ground is hard work. Best be prepared to visit many a farm, offering your services to control vermin and hope to get a foot in the door that way.
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JJ welcome to the forum and be prepared for a long wait before you find what you are looking for,,, as Malxwell says ,,,be prepared to visit many a farm to offer your services as vermin control, to hopefully " get your foot in the door" invest in a half way decent pcp air rifle and some kind of night vision as rat control inside buildings is a good way to get a start, also helps with pigeon control inside buildings
Good luck with your search


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I'd second what others have said about pest control and building relationships with farmers - it's hard work and knock-backs cab be a bit demoralising but as soon as you have permission to shoot one farm I've found you'll often pick up others nearby. Good luck.