Moy - The highland Fieldsports Fair Fri & Sat 5th & 6th Aug 2016

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We are taking a pitch at Moy this year - first time there for us as a trader. As ar as I can follow their map, we are in the middle of the row of stands facing you as you come into the main field.

We are there in RFD mode and will have along -

1. A selection of Sauer Rifles 101,202 & 404
2. Courtesy of Viking Arms the new Jaeger 10 by Haenel and Ruger American rifles
3. A small selection of secondhand rifles - including 10/22's and 10/22 accessories - BX1 triggers, BX10 & 25 Mags etc and parts - extractors etc.
4. Sound Mods - Atec Wave 17/22, ASE SL5, ATEC Hetrz ( limited range )
5. Cupboard is a bit bare pending deliveries, but if you are after ammo, drop me a note and I'll try to have stuff along to order.

In other 'news' we'll have

1. Vortex Binoculars ( still no sensible joy with scopes, I 'm thinking of stalking Bentley.... ) and spotting scopes
2. Meopta bino's and scopes
3. Z Aim slings ( of course! )
4. A selection of key stock on behalf of Rob at Monarch - Roe Sacks, Compact Roe sack, Gambrels, Slips, Bino caddy & covers, Carcase trays.
5. Beaton Midge Jackets
6. Extensive range of rifle cleaning gear and chemicals. Dewey Rods, Pro Shot action kits, jags, brusjes, patches etc
7. Possum Hollow Bore Guides

Edit - brain going to mush! Add also - Diver Daves Repel Spray DWR and we've restocked on Ballistol after the rush on it at Scone!

And trying so new items -

Tickless - 40khz electronic tick deterrent for pets and humans ( two sizes ). As pessimistic as most everyone else about gadgets, Scooby has been road testing one of these for 5 weeks now - thus far zero ticks have attached. Come have a look.

Midge Armour - from 2 til 3 each day we'll have a speed trial for who can attach a breast plate to a midge..... just kidding :D This product has been developed by a client and we are due to have stock along with us ( and a picture shortly I hope! ) Its a quality head net combined with clear spectacles - eliminating that irritating gap the swine always get through and trying to use optics through a midge net. Early tests show it is a really useful item - if you aren't a glasses wearer.

And... absolutely no Jaffa cakes ( the Mrs is along to help out ) so I'm back to my USUAL carrot sticks and celery......;)

We look forward to seeing you there.
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I am working and wont make it, but am interested in the Tickless unit, tell me more


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I was too het up about the jaffa cake issue, DD's post reminds me of what I shouldn't have missed out in the first place! We'll have Diver Daves Water Repel DWR spray along as well! Sorry DD.

Tickless - to be honest I'm pretty pessimistic when it comes to gadgets and particularly anything electronic. So the Viking manager had an uphill task on this one!
They come in two sizes - a pet one and a slightly larger human version. They emit a 40 KHz tone that supposedly drives ticks & fleas up the proverbial wall - from which they will withdraw.

No chemicals and the units just sit there and work. The pet one is permanently active once you pull the tab on it, the human one is switchable.

Genuinely - just this morning we pulled another tick off Tara ( our 'control' dog tester ), thus far the only ticks on Scooby have been mobile - zero attached. Poor Tara is up to about 4 ticks in the same period ( but gets extra chews! ).

Personal not sure/ gripes - the units are battery powered and that is non-replacable. They will operate for at least 12 months, but once the battery is exhausted, the unit is disposable. The reasoning being that the electronics will be exposed to all sorts and this is the simplest way to ensure an operating unit at the price point. £26 for pet one and £30 for human. To transmitt effectively, the units are open to the elements. Whilst rain proof they are not submersible. This could be an issue for some working dogs... and people! For the human one, its effective zone is 3metres and designed to work from a pocket. We've slipped it in a plastic bag and works fine - so thats Caithness sorted! The unit works by close proximity. If its in my jacket pocket and I take the jacket off and move away, any wandering ticks on me may then attach. Just thoughts as not been using long enough to fully see how things go.

Things the maufacturers dont say/ have no comment upon - in use I've noticed what seems to be a reduction on midges around the units. The rep says this absolutely isnt a design feature. But watching the two dogs come back from long grass, Tara has a visible cloud of midges following; Scobby just one or two strays. Not had opportunity to test with human one. Too few to really comment upon, but carrying the human unit, the 3 metre operation seems to cover clients as well - since carrying it, no clients have reported tick bits. Trouble is, unless the ticks actually vacate the client, the repeller urge vanishes once they leave. In the car, I've noticed a lot more ticks - thinking it through, I think these are ticks moving to get away - ones that would otherwise be hidden in the car or crawling around on us looking to attach - so a plus.

So there you have our usual 'hard sell' approach. Early results are good enough that we are comfortable selling these units the principle works.


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Dave I'm going so can cry in have a look , pick up if you want etc

I might try sneaking in a packet of Jaffas for you



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Sorry Paul, Cant go, working.

Andy, i will have one please, can i order it now and pay on line as usual, please email me an invoice. As far as i am concerned, anything that helps with ticks and midges for £30 a year is good value!

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Just to be clear - if anyone brings celery, they're going to get a very hard stare....

Dave will sort one aside for you.

It'll be snug as we're in a single unit for this first try out at Moy, but that just gives John more of an excuse to go wandering....