Muntjac antler measurement


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I have read some posts on Muntjac antler measurements but still not sure.
Shot my best buck yesterday evening. Not sure wether to just do the skull or have a full mount so some advice and guidance would be much appreciated.
Measurements are.

length following outer contour of antler 10.2 and 10 cm measured from coronet.
mid circumference 4.5 & 5 cm
Brow tine measured longest part 1.1 & 1.4 cm
Circumference of coronet both 8.2cm
Widest point between the antlers, just under mid way up 11cm.

Haven't taken pictures yet as hanging in my chiller but can if it helps. Would be grateful of how to measure exactly where and between which parts and then how the points add up ? Do you add in cm or mm as I don't see how you get some of the values that I have seen.



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Hi, if all goes well there should be some photos. IMG_1007.jpgIMG_1028.jpgIMG_1008.jpg

Following both Andrews and Karlbird info. after a remeasure I get a final score of 59.7 which I think makes it a silver. The only other measurements I have from Karlbird sheet is the point to point span which is 10.3 cm and outer span at the widest point is 13.6 cm but if I am correct these measurement have no bearing on the final score.

Thankyou everyone that helped and I'm still chuffed with it. Taken so great pictures now.
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That's a beauty! Well done. I've never even seen a muntjac in the flesh as we've none up this way, but shooting one's on my bucket list for sure


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he is lovely well done. i think i know what i want for my 40th in a couple of years. WIFE ARE YOU WATCHING!!!!!!!!!