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Hello folks, as you can tell I'm new to the site, I joined as I hope to gain some knowledge and help from the people on here, I live in County Down, Northern Ireland. I'm looking to get started in deer stalking so any advice or help on how to get started is much appreciated. I'm in my early 20's, currently I shoot a Lincoln 12g for rough shooting and the odd clay shooting days and I also have a cz 455 .17hmr. Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing from you's all.
The best advice I can think of for someone starting off is to go out during the day every chance you get and walk around where you think they might be. Look for any signs they were there recently and chat to any farmers or locals you might meet.
I haven't a deer calibre rifle yet so thats a bit ahead of me, there isnt much deer where I am though there is a few reds about very close to home but very rarely do you see them or see very many of them at that.
Welcome from Meath, the best info I can give you is, it's often asked where is the best place to shoot a deer, my advice is , as close to the road as possible.🇮🇪
Welcome from Wicklow. My 2 cents, find someone who will let you walk in their footsteps for a season to learn the ropes ( drag their deer). Hopefully you will learn and avoid any elementary mistakes. Do the CSI course, it’s worth it.