not long now

norma 308

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just a couple of weeks to the start of our season ! wow how that comes round quickly
preparations still ongoing birds feathering well only just off pellet this weekend BUT what a pain they are for trying to get off the plot !! with a full-time job thankfully next door to the shoot I can keep an eye on things .I also live on the shoot so no travelling
what do the more part time keepers do ? guys that can't get to the shoot two three four times aday ?
I passed on a days picking up sat and a days fishing this coming Fri simply because the buggers would be off esp in the mornings .not the worst year I've experienced but not the best
anyone else experiencing similar ?


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Speaking to a mate last night who keepers fulltime. He works for a syndicate who have no great say in crop management. This year he has attractive crop right up on his boundaries and he is pulling out what little hair he has left. He is having nightmares should they go onto crop with combine before he gets time to push birds home and they just happen to go the wrong way. There is just no substitute for continual dogging in.

The fourth Horseman

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This year pheasant migration seems to be at an all time high, not so bad if you have shoots round you as what goes round comes round. A pal of mine not too far from you is having no end of trouble and literally spends more than half his time dogging in. He runs four spaniels in turn and believe me they are whacked at the end of the day. In my experience mornings are the worst time and you virtually need to be there when they come off roost, late afternoons are ok. it usually starts when they are off pellets and the crane flies hatch, but some are just born wanderers. Many moons ago I lost the whole lot from one big Oak wood following the blackberries on neighbors hedgerows. I was nearly demented but the retired keeper on the place told me they would be back for the acorns, luckily they were. It happened every season in the ten years I was on the estate but they always came back.