One mile deer drag? No problem


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Txt from Ed: I think we should take the Land rover

Response rom me: Fec that, I just spent the last hour fitting the roof box to the Rav4 and if we take the Landy ill need an osteopath on standby after 600 miles.

We took the Rav.

We did the drive up 645miles (including a detour to collect Ed from near Guilford) in just over 11 hours arriving at about 4:30.

It was good to be back at Ed's nans place. The view from our lodge lifted my heart.

2017-08-21 06.25.48 by markchase8, on Flickr

We had time to pop over to see Tommy and see how the Austrians were getting on.

Pretty good it seemed:

But I couldn’t help noticing they had only shot Stags?

I thought you said it was Hind seasion? I said

Quick check on line, and sure enough we were a week early for the Hinds ☹ my fault as we were supposed to be up on the 20th and have the 21[SUP]st[/SUP] on the Hinds, but we had to swap the w/ends due to my wife finally getting the go for her minor opp.

Still on the bright side, the Austrians were doing well.

2018 by markchase8, on Flickr

Up at dark o clock and loading the car, we spotted a stag and two hinds on the hill across the road from the lodge. I was about to get my rifle, but the Austrians turned up on the road, stopped got out, had a look, and the Stag promptly buggered off

Ho Hum

2017-08-23 20.53.00 by markchase8, on Flickr

Car loaded, Ed points me at a short 30-40 degree slope covered in mud and suggests this is our track up to the hill???

I put the Rav into diff lock mode and went for it. We got up with surprising ease. The rocky track that followed was OK, but some of the steep hills that followed were pretty challenging, but we made it up to the dam despite my hair dressers car.

I asked Ed if he was impressed with my cars off road ability.He said: “Off road???, then laughed. “That was the road leading up to the offroad bit :D

Ho Hum

The day was over cast but a good 10c and the scenery as usual, was amazing. Stalking up along side the burn we had already spotted one stag,but he went off into the wood bellowing for a Hind, never to be seen again.Then as we rounded a corner we saw two stags. Ed generously let me have the first shot, so I set my trigger sticks and rested the Blaser waiting for an angle.The bigger of the two was arse on to me and the smaller had spotted us and facing me head on. I had brought my 6.5 55 expecting longer range heart shots, but if I were to get this stag it would have to be a head shot. He was staring straight at me and holding dead still and the cross hairs were steady, so I squeezed imperceptibly on the amazing trigger of the R93 and was rewarded with a hefty thwack as the 140grain bullet hit hard and the stag dropped on the spot.

That was it, my first Red, first deer in Scotland, first with my Blaser, first with a 6.5 55. The euphoria was flooding through me right up till Ed pointed out it was the best part of a mile drag out.

Scotland 2018 by markchase8, on Flickr

Ho Hum

Ed set off back to the car for the Jet sled and I did the gralloch.I did the full job, head off legs off full body cavity. Anything to keep the weight down. We had the sled so I wasn’t worried about contamination.

Then ed returned with a brilliant idea.

“I reckon the sled will float this beasty in the burn?”

Fortunately I had a length of 6mm rope with me, so we rigged it up and set the stag in the Jet Sled and drifted the beasty down river:

Click on the vid below to see us in action.

VID-20181016-WA0004 on Vimeo

That had to be the easiest drag out ever.

Ed did most of the work as he seemed to be enjoying himself.We had a few rocky bits and falls to negotiate, but it all went surprisingly well till Ed took a wrong step and filled his welly boot up with water. I asked if he was OK and he said “All good, quite refreshing actualy” which was good because with the next step he went in arse first and got soaked.

I didn’t enquire as to his condition this time, I just laughed my tits off :D

My Harkila 12” GTX boots had been amazing despite the soggy ground and regularly sinking up past my ankles. I had also had to stand in flowing water crossing the burn a few times, and so far I was dry and comfortable.
We dragged the sled out of the burn by the car and had about10m to cross overland and I managed to sink one leg up to the knee in the bog. My Harkila’s had been great, but Id gone way past their comfort zone and now had aleft boot full of water ☹

“I didn’t expect that” I said. “I did” said Ed with a wry smile.

We covered the deer, I had a coffee and we set off again. Whilst waiting for Ed id seen two more stags and some Hinds up by the “Trees for Life”plantation. On our return we spotted them cresting the hill maybe 800m- 1000maway and a few hundred m higher than us. One of the stags was a magnificent beasty.

A long stalk followed using every possible contour to hide our position. The wind wasn’t ideal, but it was quartering so not to bad and as the group left the ridge they seemed relaxed and not startled.

2017-08-23 20.53.34 by markchase8, on Flickr

We made the left edge of the ridge and could see a large area with no deer. There was a valley to my left with a waterfall and the burn that the dogs had shown a great interest in it. To the right was another hill which wed seen the heard heading off to.

We split up and I went to scope out the valley, and Ed the hill we thought they had gone off in thedirection of..

As I crested the slope before the valley I was struck by two things. A: There were no deer and B: the valley burn and waterfall were just so beautiful. The rusty peat laden water exploded over the boulders in a magnificent show of power and the turgid water at its base settled its self before streaming off below through lush green banks and rocky slopes. I took a moment to take it all in before heading back up to the top of the valley in search of Ed.

Just as I crested the top I could see Ed in the far distance beginning to crouch and some 80odd m to his left, a stag standing. The stag turned and walked a few paces before turning back again to face Ed. I had a perfect view through my Binos as Ed’s 243 nailed it and it dropped on the spot. The sound of the shot echoed over to me a second or so later.

It took me a while to climb up to Ed’s location and when I got there the misty drizzle had turned into something more resembling rain. Edand I were both in long sleeved T shirts but Eds a lot younger than me, so I got my Poncho out of my rucksack and slipped it on. Id been umming and arring about the carry weight of the Seeland poncho but I was now standing still for awhile and suddenly very appreciative of it warmth and rain protection.
I reckoned we were at least two miles from the car over some rough ground. The down hill bit was OK ish but the flat lands were going to bea sod. I was about to suggest I went back for the sled when Ed said, no way we are dragging this one, I’ll phone Tommy.

About 40mins later I was faced with the most incredible sight of Tommy’s 6 wheel drive Can Am Quad coming over the side of the hill, throughthe burn and up our hill??? Tommy looks a bit frail and more than a few years past his prime, but wow can he drive a quad.

Ed suggested I go back on the back of the 6X quad. SOD that I said it looks terrifying. I ignored the implication that I was too old and fat to walk back with him :D He wasnt far wrong and my watch reckoned wed done nearly six miles over rough and hilly ground come the end of the day.

So that was that. Last trip we blanked for three days andthis trip we had one each the morning of day one. It was a good feeling. Thelong walk back to the car was spent discussing fitting four KTM dirt bikewheels to the sled with a small motor and remote control. That plus C02 inflatablesides floats so we can to float them down the burn and let the KTM wheels dealwith the rocky bits. Knowing Ed’s ingenuity and engineering skills I reckonhell have one built for the next trip :D

Scotland 2018 by markchase8, on Flickr

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paul o'

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Well done thanks for a nice post , that lifted what was a very boring day fitting more updated CCTV
Enjoyed that in full flavours!, Reminded me of a caveat offered to me by Bob Logan, before you shoot that standing there, Have a little micro think, "Do I really want to shoot that where it is?":old:


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Wow! What a write up mate...way more than I was imagining! Well done on your new firsts, reckon you've banked a few memories for life on that trip and they were well earned. Back to the little stuff now eh? ;) Thanks for the great read mate...


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Just came across this thread.

So that was that. Last trip we blanked for three days andthis trip we had one each the morning of day one. It was a good feeling. Thelong walk back to the car was spent discussing fitting four KTM dirt bikewheels to the sled with a small motor and remote control. That plus C02 inflatablesides floats so we can to float them down the burn and let the KTM wheels dealwith the rocky bits. Knowing Ed’s ingenuity and engineering skills I reckonhell have one built for the next trip :D
Yeah... May have gone slightly overboard adding inflatable sides and KTM wheels:
Doubt we'll actually require it this year though with it actually being hind season and knowing the 10,000 acres better now.

If things happen there might be an even more ridiculous plan for next season involving a 6 wheel drive carrying an 8 wheel drive with built in larder and hydraulic gralloching... Time is the issue though.


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I imagine that you have good wheel bearings on that trailer,it looks a bit underdone in capacity carrying.
What does the 8 wheeler weigh?