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Hi, just checking what insurance companies you guys use for your pickups, Just had my quote through for my old l200 and it’s gone up significantly with my current provider Hastings direct 🤣 I’m hoping it’s a typo, nothings changed, no accidents or claims,



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Oxon Stuart

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I’ve used Aviva for the past few years, but always shop around and as them to price match the best price I find. They have done every year so far.

I’ll be watching this thread with interest though as my insurance is up for renewal at the end of August.


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My renewal is due for my L200 in the next two weeks, I had my renewal price through from Admiral and it was only up a fiver from last year.
Went onto the go compare site today and I can get it £60 cheaper than my quote, if Admiral can't match it then I will change my insurance provider.


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I have changed from Churchill to NFU for both the van and the Yeti.

The quotes from Churchill were probably mistakes because they had valuations 'not exceeding £75,000' for each vehicle.
I didn't query it, just went elsewhere.

The Singing Stalker

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Renew your insurance 4 weeks before you need it. Leave it later than that and it is more expensive. Well known fact.
Don’t bother asking who people who they use. Go on the comparison sites to see what they offer, everybody is different so what is good for one is not good for another. There are also some sites that are not on the comparison sites like aviva.

Go check out moneysavingexpert.com as well For advice


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Admiral for me was £274 just last week
Used Gladiator Commercial for some years which are part of the Admiral group. Easy to deal with, UK call centre in Wales and if not the cheapest on comparison sites, close enough to the cheapest to make no difference.


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Direct line for me. £260 fully comp with business cover for a brand new hilux. I’ll try NFU when it renews though. They have excellent cover.