Rifle stand / holder for vehicle?


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What do you guys use to hold your rifle for quick access when driving around your shoots?
I was thinking that some sort of clamp on the passenger side mounted on the dash that would hold a rifle vertically with the butt in the foot well would be useful.
Does anyone have any recommendations?
I have spent ages looking for something that would do the trick and as yet haven't found anything. I settled for reclining the passenger seat fully and leaving the rifle on there. Works well when your on your own.


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I have a range rover P38 and rest the rifle on the wing mirror with the butt tucked in the door, works great unless its pouring down


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I dont have any photos, but some ex-military Landrovers have a pair of spring clamps on the bulkhead behind the seats. OK for a Landrover, but would require serious efforts to fit on a normal vehicle.


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I use a homemade rack for transporting,holds up to four guns, if shooting from the truck off the wing mirror I sling it off the outside of the door when opening gates etc P1010017.JPG P1010019.JPG

joe soapy

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I'm as guilty as everybody with my aversion to drilling holes in the door.
But it would make things so much easier to bolt a couple shelf brackets on the side.
Shooting transport is just a pause in the journey to the scrap man, so it aint going to harm the final value


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I ended up ordering the Quick Fist (is it just me or does that sound dirty?).
It'll mean drilling a few holes in the truck, but it is a venerable clunker and doubt that will hugely affect its value.


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I made one for my Suzuki year ago, very simple to do. Made an arm out of aluminium, one end riveted to the roof support, other end had a ring formed out of ali riveted to it. Ring was padded with foam. The butt sat on/in a piece of thick foam on top of the gearbox tunnel. Now with mods being the norm I would use a C shape rather than a ring and use a rubber strap across the open part of the C to keep the rifle in place
Mine hang in a canvas sling on the rear of the front seats. You could just loop your sling over the passenger side headrest - works even better with a QR buckle on the sling.