Sauer 202 stock problem


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A friend cam round with a Sauer 202 problem. It's a synthetic version and the stock and forend seem to be made from an injected plastic type material. The lock up on the forend pulls it back into the action. It all feels very flexi which isn't great with a bipod.

He has taken it apart once some time ago and put it back together again successfully. Over the past few weeks the forend has moved so it's touching the barrel on the left side. I took it apart and put it back together again, putting pressure on the left side as I screwed it up and got it reasonably central again, but I'm pretty sure it will move again. I don't think it's warped, but it's not really pulling up centrally onto the stock.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

The stock is so flexi that I would be fitting an aftermarket stiffer one, but finding an after market stock for a 202 seems quite challenging. Does anyone know if anyone makes a good one?

Thanks for the help.


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There is a U shaped metal part that seems to spread the load of the forend bolt which can be adjusted a bit. It sits in the forend just in front of the stock bolt. Worth a look to ensure the force is even. I have two 202s and tend not to over tighten the fore end.You could slip some thin shims or washers in to keep it central. Similar to making a Ruger no 1 to shoot straight!


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I had a similar issue with my old 202 outback. As previously mentioned if it was screwed down too tight the forend would pull to one side and touch the barrel. So i used to stop tightening just before it began to move. I also stopped using a bipod and went to resting on a pack or sticks.


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You are over tightening the stock....Sauer is very specific about this

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