Seek Reveal XR v Hik Micro Lynx thermals


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Hi all - I have seen a lot of the posts on this forum suggesting that these sorts of thermal devices might not be worth getting - but the bottom line for me is that I do not shoot that often and simply cannot justify spending more than this sort of money. I have a small permission with a few fields and a partially wooded valley which is only about 200m long. My intention is to use thermal primarily for scanning the wooded valley for deer (which is where I usually find them), for scanning trees for quarry and to a lesser extent scanning fields for rabbits. I don't like the look of the devices that attach to your mobile phone, but am tempted to try either a Hik Micro Lynx LC06 6mm monocular (which I can get for £350 new or about £300 used) or the Seek Reveal XR handheld device (which I can get for £237 new).

I have read many reviews and user comments/ videos on both devices and it seems to me that either would probably do the job that I need it to do - namely pick up partial obscured heat sources at relatively close distances allowing me to investigate further.

Does anyone have experience of using either/ both of these devices in similar circs who can confirm whether either would fit the bill/ whether one is noticeably superior to the other?

Many thanks


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Aware this is an old thread but I too am considering hik lynx as an entry level thermal for woodland stalking hence the BUMP


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I bought my Hik for exactly the same purpose. I didnt like scanning using the sight on the rifle.
Mines a hik lynx 15mm and is more than enough for achieving this, its not clear enough to ID though.
Im not sure on how much difference there is in image quality between the 6mm and the 15mm


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Following my original post I bought the Seek and found it to be pretty much useless for my purposes TBH. So I swapped it for the Hik 6mm, which is a noticeable improvement. It picks out rabbits in cold fields at night v clearly and can sometimes highlight squirrels in trees at close range (ie 20-30m). Definitely works best in cold temperatures, when I would say it would be v helpful at picking out a deer in woodland at ranges of up to say 50-80m (or as a "double check" on something you'd picked up with binoculars).