T20 torch - cancelling strobe mode


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I've got a T20 torch. It's red. It's very good, and I use it every morning.

Yesterday morning I noticed that the strobe mode had come on which usually means that the battery needs charging. I left it turned on to empty the battery of charge, and yesterday evening charged the battery.

This morning I put the battery back in the torch and switched on. The torch seems to be stuck in strobe mode. Usually a press on the back button changes the intensity of the light, and this is still fine but it remains in strobe mode.

How do I change the torch from strobe mode to solid mode?
If you have the three mode unit.
Switch the torch on then tap the on/off button a few times within three seconds. It should cycle to another mode with each touch.
Thanks both for your advice. I have solved the problem - it seems that the battery was not fully charged. I have invested in a new charger - a Nitecore i4. I now get a solid beam.