The 2020 Rule...


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Works for me, will do :thumb:

I've got slots for 6.5 and .44, so thats a bolt action long range rifle or lever action carbine to choose between.


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spot on for me.

not buying any new rifles trying to sell 2 rifles and 2 scopes.



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79-49+40=70. I was born in '71. :cry:
Hmmmmmm... :-|
That's got me thinking.....
Perhaps it's me that's missed a birthday somewhere along the line....
I think I'd better check my birth certificate, do a few calculations, and have another go....

.... But perhaps not until after I've bought the rifle, just in case ;)


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I wonder if it worked in 2019 and now it should be 80 instead of 79 now we are in 2020

Well I've checked, and it definitely works for me at the moment, but once I've had my birthday it won't.
However, I reckon doing the dishes every night for a couple of months is far more likely to result in an opportunity to purchase a new rifle.


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What if I have already bought a rifle in 2020 and the formula doesn't work out? Worried that my missus will make me return the rifle :confused:

Fosbery Holster

Well-Known Member on.......didn’t need reminding of how many birthdays I’ve had, but if l sell what l don’t need l can generate loads of variations for 2020, that’s the way forward for me !