Thin plastic sheets to separate cured meat when sliced

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I make my own ham, bacon and bresaola. I slice it and then vacuum pack it.

Unfortunately some of it (particularly bresaola) sticks together when vacuum packed and is difficult to peel apart.

I've seen butchers use thin plastic sheets to separate meat when they pack it.

Any ideas what the proper name is for this, and where I can buy it?



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I have no personal experience, but maybe you could use parchment/bakery paper and cut it to suitable pieces? Available everywhere but try first...


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I think you're after the thin but stiff stuff, a bit like acetate that the overhead projectors used when I was in school.

well you have this 2000x 8 COUNTER WRAP Butchers Meat Fish Food Sheets Plastic HDPE | eBay maybe a bit thin and flimsy

This looks more like the stuff I think you want COUNTER WRAP - CLEAR 7.5 from Scobies Direct but again not sure exactly how stiff this is.

Or you could actually buy acetate sheets and cut them to size with a guillotine A3/A4/A5 Clear PVC/Acetate Sheets 180/240 Micron 10 to 500 Sheets | eBay although I'm not sure if these are considered food safe


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Thanks all for your help.

I have found what I want. It's called a "burger disc" and is available in cellophane or waxed paper, in 5 inch or 6 inch sizes, and in boxes of 1,000.

I'll be going for a cellophane disc in a 6 inch size.

I can usually get 250+ slices of bresaola from a 3 kg lump of beef (usually topside) so this should keep me going for while.


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I had similar issues, and found a much easier way is to seal the vacuum packs before the machine reaches maximum vacuum. This prevents moisture being extracted from the meat as it's being packed too :thumb: