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Or if dry walnut media. Another alternative is corn cob. I have some but since I got good results with the walnut I never bothered with it.


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Ultrasonic bath with Sea Clean, rinse, dry and tumble with walnut media (dash of One Shot for extra shiny). Clean inside and out every time.

Haggis Hunter

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Interesting comments. I've been using an ultrasonic bath for a while, which was ok, but I fancy some really nice shiny brass so will go looking for a vibrating tumbler now. The stainless route seemed a bit costly and maybe a bit of a faff?


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The faff as you lot put it, Is self administered, use the right dimensioned and shaped stainless media, Bingo, clean inside and out, including primer pockets, probably one or two last weekend that needed a gentle push to dislodge out of a batch of fifty cases.